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A bachelorette party to remember


A bachelorette party is usually a wild event, free of inhibitions, and one of the greatest memories a woman can have of her single life. It’s for these reasons that a bachelorette party should be unique and exciting, and it could hardly get any more unique or exciting than a pole dancing party! That’s right, during your bachelorette party learn to pole dance with your gal pals in the only studio in Las Vegas that offers a private environment where you can both host the party, and learn the sexy, exotic art of pole dancing. Included in your bachelorette party with us is free VIP entry into Las Vegas’s hottest clubs, plus options for bottle service and limousine service and male revue tickets!


Price: $40 per guest with a six person minimum, and every girl will get her own pole to dance on! If you have groups smaller than six women, or larger than fifteen, call us – we will accommodate you.

To sweeten the deal, we will contribute to your taxi transportation, reducing your deposit by $10 for every four ladies.

Call Pole Fitness Studio today to book your party, and experience the best bachelorette party in Las Vegas! 702-878-POLE (7653).

With prices and services like this, everyone should celebrate with a pole dancing party with Pole Fitness Studio. We guarantee to make your bachelorette party a fun, unique experience you will remember for the rest of your life, and it will certainly be a big hit with your significant other!

If you need a custom bachelorette party package visit to tailor your own package with the options from male revue tickets to limousine service and more.